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Editorial design


For this project during my Bootcamp at Ironhack, my colleague and I had to design a responsive online platform for a magazine, newspaper or blog aiming to meet the needs and goals of the user persona, Elaine.

  • She reads National Geographic, The New Yorker, Broadly.

  • She wants to invest more in self-care and self-love while being good to others, seeding a more empathic society.

  • She volunteers for the community

  • She reads during work breaks. She often works at home, when she’s not at university or the library.

  • Goals: be more rational, Discover new passions, achieve a good work-life balance.



UX/UI Design

Visual Design

5 days sprint

Pair project

Process: Research - Business & Market analysis - Define new tone - Branding - Ui design

End Result

We did our prototype for desktop and animated it with principle, it was my first contact with this program and although it took me a while to understand the logic behind it I really enjoyed it.

To define the information architecture of our product, we practiced the card sorting technique in order to group things as per users’ expectations and understanding of the topics.

First Steps

First of all, we conducted some in-depth interviews with people that fit into our persona. Our goal was to understand what kind of content they consume online and when. Out of it, the main findings were:

  • Users read in digital format because it’s more ecological

  • Users read in digital format because it’s portable

  • Users have an interest in environment-related articles/news

  • Users often read about politics and feminism.

  • Users prefer credibility over speed

Market Research

For the market research, we first defined our competitors based on the interview outcomes and eventually, we did a visual competitor analysis which is necessary to understand the competitive space our product will be in and to identify visual elements of competitor sites.

Our Brand

With all the research findings in mind, we determined our brand attributes aka core values of our brand.

  • Our brand is cultivated

  • Our brand is trustful

  • Our brand is urban

  • Our brand is NEVER gossipy

Once we knew the unique identity of our digital product, we created a mood board to define our color palette and styles that we will apply later on our digital product.

Style Tile

Once we had a clear visual inspiration mood board for our product we created the Style Tile to help us form a common visual language. 

Now  UX/UI Designer, formerly Teacher Assistant at Ironhack.

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