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New app design


Sexhack20 Hackathon winner project. Mo is an app where kids can easily learn and understand all the physical and emotional changes their bodies go through while menstruating so they perceive it as a natural process and not as a taboo.

What is Sexhack?

A 48h virtual hackathon, this event, as the name suggests it’s about sex, they would give us 4 challenges and we decided to focus on the following two:

Challenge #2 — It all starts with education. How to better educate on this delicate subject? How to make this process interesting and engaging?


Challenge #3 — Health is the most precious thing we have. How to protect it? How to raise public awareness of the importance of reproductive health?


Mobile app

UX/UI design

Visual design

Logo design

2 days sprint

Team of 4

Process: UX Research - Business & Market research - Define new tone - Branding & logo  - UI design - Prototyping

End result

Now  UX/UI Designer, formerly Teacher Assistant at Ironhack.

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