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Website Redesign


Redesign the existing fundraising website for Robinhood Store to increase conversion. 

What is Robinhood Store?

Robinhood Store is a social and environmental activist start-up, who wants to compete with conventional bio-supermarket chains. For every item you buy in their shop they’ll donate a certain amount to a good cause. Our challenge for this project was to build their fundraising page so they would raise enough capital to finally launch their online shop.

Requirements of the website


  • Goal: redesign and increase the conversion rate of the actual website.

  • What the client wants: Redesigning the fundraising website, including a new feature for donors to be able to donate online. Both one time and recurrent donors.

  • Device: Desktop.

  • Users: Adults between 20–50 years old.

  • Validated through the conversion rate of the website.

  • Web language should be English.

  • Time frame to develop the MVP: 9 days (Worked in pair with the amazing Duygu Kaban)



UX/UI Design

Visual Design

9 days sprint


Process: User Research - Business & Market analysis - Define problem - Ideate solutions - Branding - UI design

User Personas
User journey
Captura de pantalla 2020-02-17 a las 12.
Hi-fi Wireframes
Current state

Now  UX/UI Designer, formerly Teacher Assistant at Ironhack.

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